Broadlink RM4 Mini Universal IR Audio Video Remote Control, Sensor Accessory, Temperature and Humidity Monitor USB Cable… Price: AED39.00AED169.00 (as of 21/05/2022 06:13 PST- Details)

WORKS WITH RM4 MINI AND RM4 PRO: BroadLink HTS2 Sensor Accessory integrates the functions of temperature and humidity sensor and USB power cable. Connect it to the RM4 mini and USB adapter just like an ordinary USB cable, at the control panel of RM4 mini in BroadLink app, it will display temperature and humidity of the room where the sensor located. Note: It only supports BroadLink RM4 mini and RM4 Pro universal remote, it doesn’t support BroadLink RM mini3, RM Pro+ or BestCon RM4C mini.
TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY SENSOR: This sensor is very special, unlike traditional ones, it is integrated in a USB cable, very small and lovely, you will not even notice its existence if you don’t pay attention to look at it. But it actually helps you to detect the accurate indoor temperature and humidity, and display on your phone, so that you can know the indoor environment anytime and anywhere.
VERY EASY TO USE: If you have already configured your RM4 mini successfully in the BroadLink app with its own USB cable, just replace the cable with this HTS2 sensor cable, the app will display the temperature and humidity number automatically. If this is the first time you set up the RM4 mini, just connect the sensor cable between the RM4 mini and power adapter, then do the smart configuration for RM4 mini follow the wizard in the app.

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