Callus Remover Gel Moisturizing Socks For Men and Women – Natural Remedy For Cracked and Dry Heels (5 Pair) Price: AED31.60 (as of 15/08/2022 18:47 PST- Details)

Gel heel socks are made with a flexible cotton blend for soft, stretchy comfort. The toeless design allows your toes to breathe while your heels are being moisturized. Moisturizing gel heel sleeves can bring the spa into your home. Dry, cracked heels can become soft and supple with our moisturizing gel heel sleeves. The gel lining reacts to your body heat and that causes moisture to be released which then helps repair dry and cracked heels.
The inside of each sock has a soft gel pad where your heel will be placed, apply lotion, then apply gel sock (sleeve) for 30 mins or longer, and feel your skin repair, calluses softening, and cracks disappearing. Dry, hard, cracked heels are unpleasant, embarrassing and painful. Address the problem right at home and save the expense of salons or spas. Wear 2-3 times per week for at least 30 minutes. For best results, sleep with your heel sleeves on every night of the week!
May be used with your favorite moisturizing lotion to achieve an even more effective skin softening. These gel foot sleeves will soften your skin on their own, but work best when combined with your favorite lotion. There is no simpler way to achieve healthy, soft heels than with our overnight socks.

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