Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers Set (4-Piece)–Cool-Shop Precision Tweezers for Ingrown Hair, Facial Hair, Splinter… Price: AED18.99 (as of 15/08/2022 18:29 PST- Details)

The tweezers set is ideal for eyebrow grooming with the perfectly slanted tips which are great for removing splinters and ingrown hair from areas that are to be treated delicately; the perfectly calibrated tension offers more control and a stress-free tweezing ritual
The 4-Piece Tweezers set incorporates: 1 Slanted Head Tweezer, 1 Pimple Popper Tweezer, 1 Straight Head Tweezer, and 1 Pointed Slant Tweezer
The stainless steel design adds great value to the set’s durability so that it can serve the purpose for longer without creating a need to go for another set

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